What Makes For A Backable Team?

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This Friday I’m joining my good friend Jim Chung over at GW for a talk on “what makes a venture backable team?” As I prepared for the event I thought I would share some general thoughts on the topic in this blog post. I hope it’s useful to you if you are considering starting a business and putting your execution team together.
The first point I want to emphatically make is that I would not focus on putting a team together for attracting Venture Capital; I would focus on building a team to grow a businesses. If a business can be grown, and the team has the skills to grow it, then in my experience capital will find that business. Put another way – good entrepreneurs, and good teams, find a way to win.  A great idea in the wrong hands is nothing more than an idea. A great idea in the hands of a strong team is likely to become a business.
Therefore, when I look at a team I am focused on…

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