What the Washington area needs is a Switzerland

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Like it or not, the greater Washington region is all about relationships. Our strength as a business community is our interconnections, and our ability to manage the complex interplay between business and policy. Our entrepreneurial community grows businesses through the exchange of information between those two worlds.

In other words, we need to network.

When we do the networking dance well, transactions occur as a result. Once a relationship is established, there is a very good chance it will bear fruit. It might be years from now, or it might be next week, but knowing how to connect with the right people — and be willing to enter into a win-win relationship — inevitably reaps rewards.

Successful networking relies on transparency. Think about how many times you have formed relationships understanding where a person is coming from. We better connect with those who are transparent with us, and who share both their strengths and needs in a candid, open way

You can call this trust. I believe it’s larger than that. I describe it as acknowledgment. By being transparent, you are treating others as respected co-venturers and clearly stating that you value their time. If they choose to engage with you, they know exactly why.

However, here in the greater Washington region, there’s a blurry area where common interests and unspoken goals intersect. Entrepreneurs often sense a conflict as they begin to…

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