Venture capital in D.C. is not what it used to be

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The numbers are in, and the venture capital parade is largely passing by the greater Washington region — proof is in quarterly investment data from the PwC Money Tree Survey and the National Venture Capital Association.

Although some observers crunched the numbers and concluded that the level of investment in our region was “strong” or “on pace,” the story is more nuanced and frankly more negative — if you believe venture capital is the primary way for our region to grow its tech community.

Here’s the reality of venture investing in our region: it’s anemic. In 2015, venture capital investment in the United States is projected to exceed $70 billion — the second-largest annual venture capital investment level ever. That’s right… since the beginning of time. There has only been one year when venture capital funding was larger than it will be this year, and that was 2000.

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