Top 10 Entrepreneurial Mistakes

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Next Friday, a group of experienced entrepreneurs from FounderCorps are doing a panel on the “Top Ten Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make.”  I’ll be joined by FounderCorps members Alex Murphy, Dadi Akhavan, Donna Harris and Tien Wong.  For those of you who can make it, we’ll be at the University of Maryland Technology Startup Bootcamp.  The link for the event is here.  I’ve participated in this bootcamp many times over the years, and I recommend it highly for any budding entrepreneur in the Greater Washington Region.  Knowing my co-panelists as I do, I am sure that they will have lots to share.  I know that they’ve made lots of mistakes over the years (as have I). It will be interesting to see who owns up to them….

In preparation for the panel, I thought I would provide my own list memorable entrepreneur miscues I’ve…

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