Starting a Company is Not Following a Recipe in a Cookbook

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Earlier this week I had a chance to talk to a startup entrepreneur who had an interesting problem.  He felt that he had gotten so much advice about the process of starting a company and growing it that he was having a hard time parsing through it.  He was suffering as much as anything from having too much information, and was looking for me to help him filter it. As I thought about the irony of being asked to provide advice on which advice to take, something else more interesting hit me: he was suffering from a larger issue – the way that information is presented to first time entrepreneurs.

There is a tendency for information that is intended to help startup entrepreneurs to be reduced to a playbook or recipe.  Information is clustered around topics; for example, “when should you raise money,” “lean startup principles” or “hiring your first employee.”  Or, it is structured around the stage of a business – “how to start your company,” “how to raise a VC round” or “how to exit.”  This is further accentuated by…

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