Report on the Future of DC Tech

On Thursday, the D.C.-based 2030 Group—a coalition of influential, local business leaders exploring the potential for growth in the D.C.-area—released a detailed, 53-page report about how the D.C.-area can evolve into a strong economic hub for innovative businesses. While progress has been made, the report describes that there is a significant amount of work left to secure the area’s status as a top destination for business, commerce and innovation.

Headed up by Amplifier Ventures’ Jonathan Aberman, the report makes some interesting and important points about how far the D.C. tech scene has come and also what needs to be done so that it succeeds in the future. Alongside this narrative is a methodical series of recommendations poised by the group, which may be applicable to both business owners and policy makers in the region.

In order to construct this report, more than 120 individuals from the local entrepreneurial community were interviewed.

Read the whole article at DCInno.

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