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Jonathan Aberman and Mark Walsh interview retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on taunch of his new album Space Sessions : Songs from a Tin Can.

During his time on the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield went around the world 16 times a day. He saw the entire world go from winter to summer to winter. He got to know the planet like very few ever have. He saw a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes.

Hadfield gained international popularity since living on the International Space Station and tweeting incredible pictures of the earth from space, bringing the wonder of space travel to everyone’s attention. Hadfield received praise for his cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” recording the vocals and guitar in his sleeping pod aboard the ISS.

He described seeing Earth from space as a ‘religious experience’, and said it taught him that the ‘us versus them’ attitude is pointless.



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