A VC’s Opinion: Yes, You Should Get an Education

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It seems some days that getting an education is portrayed as the pursuit of mugs and fools.  I have lost count of the articles and blogs I read, and the talking heads I hear, spouting nonsense about the folly of pursuing a college education or an advanced degree like an MBA.  It is a large and recurring theme in startup land – the argument that real entrepreneurs don’t need an education, or that an education (or an MBA) is just an impediment to the inherent greatness and creativity of the entrepreneur.  It’s a theme presented through the images of the down trodden BAs who can’t get jobs, and stories of overpriced liberal arts colleges pumping out graduates with “no skills.”  And, you know what?  It is SO MUCH NONSENSE.

Entrepreneurship is a human behavior, without question.  People who are entrepreneurial often seem to be born into it.  However, growing a successful business is not instinctive. It is a journey, and one that is more likely to be successful if the people involved have knowledge and context to guide their instincts.  Moreover, a successful business…

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