10 Tips to Manage Growth

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Recently, I was asked by the Washington Business Journal to provide my ten best hints on managing growth in an emerging business.  You can find that article here.  I believe that the challenge of growing a business past the start up phase is actually much harder than appreciated.  But, there is much less in the startup media about these issues.  Actually, what happens after “acceleration” is more important and much more littered with failure.  With that in mind, here are my ten keys to meeting the challenge of growth.

1.       Match Money to Growth. Corporate finance is not about getting a particular type of financing as a way to signal your importance. It’s about getting capital that has the right growth expectations for your business’ likely path.  Money is only a way to keep score once it’s yours.  Until then, it’s a resource to get the things you need to succeed.

2.       Avoid Burning Hair.  If everyone at your company is…

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